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Wooden fencing is becoming a popular option for many homeowners throughout the UK. Not only is it fantastic for protecting your privacy, it's also an aesthetic solution which complements the overall design of the garden. The natural material is elegant and suit a range of garden designs and sizes.

Why Wooden Fencing

Why Wooden Fencing?

Wood is amongst one of the most popular materials to be used for fencing. They are most commonly found on residential properties and occasionally public buildings such as schools and hospitals. 

Not only are they are sustainable as a building material, the natural elegance of wood grains has long been loved by many. Timber is known to be strong and durable, making it a low-maintenance option. They are ideal for protecting the privacy of your garden, with many fences constructed high enough to restrict view at eye level. 

Compared to other fencing material such as UPVC and steel, timber is by far the best choice to complement your home and garden- not only does it look good, it's also the more cost-effective solution.


What Wood Species should I Use?

Wood fencing makes for an attractive option. However, before homeowners opt for it, they have to consider different factors, especially the issue of cost. Depending on the type of wood you want to use, size, style and height of the fence, it can all add up quickly. There is no easy answer as to which type of wood is the most suitable for home fencing project. Some timber can be very expensive due to their texture, grade and durability. Though it can be expensive, superior quality timber for the construction can last you for a long time, making it cost effective in the long run.

You should always opt for hardwood as the fence will be exposed to the elements. They can be additionally treated for extra resistance to rotting and insects, which are some of the main causes of timber failure. Although your fencing contractor may have a preference or make recommendations, it is ultimately your choice as the homeowner. The factors which commonly affect the choice of wood species are as follows:


Some of the challenges you could encounter with inferior quality wood fence are that you need to replace the panels often. Moreover, the posts will require constant realignment, and so on. Cracks will occur here and there, you need to patch those cracks often. Because of that, choose woods you are sure can last for years without constant maintenance. 


You should know that the wood is to be exposed to the sun, rain, wind and other elements that will affect it in the future. Because of this, it is advocated that you select only those woods that are more suitable to the weather and climate it will be exposed to. Think of those that are suitable for your area. 


Several kinds of woods can be used and the most important amongst them are cypress, pressure treat pine as well as cedar woods. Fencing can have a combination of the different wood types. You should always opt for construction grade wood to ensure their quality.


This is different to each species of wood, and can easily become one of the most decisive factors if you are leaving the timber exposed with no stains or paints. There is no right or wrong colour or grains- simply down to personal preference.


Look for affordable wood, but not the cheapest on the market. It will not last, and you will spend a lot of money to maintain them in the future.


Wooden Fence Maintenance 

If you want your wooden fence to serve for a long time, you must explore ways of maintaining them. If properly maintained, it can last for several decades.

You can hire professionals to do the maintenance for you, but it is not difficult to carry out some of the maintenance by yourself, as there are some of them you can easily do without engaging the services of anybody. It's a fantastic way of saving money.

Types of Wooden Fencing

There are different kinds of wooden fencing. The most popular options include the wooden closed board, picket fencing, and panelled fencing. There are other styles such as Venetian, trellis and lattice, or a combination of the above. Before choosing a design, you should consider the functionality which is required. Do you value privacy? Or would you prefer to spend the least amount of money possible?

Closeboard Fencing

In close board fencing, fencing is carried used a vertical featheredge boards. The boards overlap one another and these are supported by a wooden rail. It is often used for boundary screening. The fencing method is popular because it is durable, strong, and reasonably affordable. It is a perfect fence solution and offers many benefits for landowners such as privacy.

When you use the fence, your privacy is guaranteed against your neighbours as the board overlap each other, creating a solid surface to obstruct view. Depending on the choice of timber, closeboard fencing can be relatively low maintenance, requiring no more than routine cleaning and topping up any treatment.

Panelled Fencing

Panelled fencing is a modular type of fencing methods which adds an organised atmosphere to a garden. There are different ways panels are used. They are commonly manufactured as individual panels and slotted inbetween concrete or wooden fence posts.

The design of each panel can differ to suit the preference of the owner, such as horizontal venetians or vertical featheredge. As each panel are separate components, they can be replaced with relative ease. This reduces the overall cost of the maintenance, making them cost-effective and efficient.

Picket Fencing

This is another type of wood fencing which is popular in the UK. They are often used in front gardens to establish boundary rather than being used to protect privacy. The distance of each board can be specified to any requirements, smaller gaps can be used to prevent pets from escaping.

They are characteristically painted white, complementing a suburban garden full of flowers. However, they are extremely customisable and you can paint them any colour of your choice to complement your design.

While embarking on wood fencing, you must consider which type of wood to use and the benefit of using such a wood instead of other species. Homeowners should always bear at the back of their mind the tree species they want to use. There is the need to understand whether the wood you want to use for the fencing can function very well in the environment you want to use it. 


Most homeowners in the UK will prefer to use cedar wood for their fences. Cedar is more durable and often serves as a long term solution to your fencing needs. They are known for their quality and is often more expensive than other species.

Interestingly, cedar is a softwood. However, it has a higher moisture and rot resistance because it contains important natural oils. Unfortunately, they are not resistant to insects unless specifically treated. They are fantastic to use in a range of fence designs due to their golden hue and distinctive grain patterns.

Cedar Fencing

Bald Cypress

Bald cypress is another name for taxodium distichum. This type of tree is known to be slow when it is growing, and it is also known to be durable and it can grow up to 100-120 feet. The wood can live up to two hundred years and because of that, many homeowners prefer to use it for wood fencing projects. Moreover, the wood can resist diseases for many decades. The wood is very strong and stable and resists disease emanating from insects and other kinds of diseases.

The wood is durable and can resist any form of attack because of the sufficient quantity of heartwood and large numbers of chemicals known as Cypresence in them. It has a natural protection against rot and insects attack. It can even be stronger and more effective when it is treated. It's one of the most popular fencing material choice, and with good reason. Many people choose it because of the obvious benefits. It's widely available so the prices are generally very competitive and affordable. The quality and durability of the wood is not compromised by its price. It can be used for almost any style of fencing. You can additionally customise the design by applying a layer of wood stain or paint to match the design of your garden.

Pressure Treated Pine

Pine as a tree is susceptible to damage. Despite the fact that it is not durable, many people enjoy using it because of its low maintenance. You can increase the durability by treating it with chemical preservatives. 

When these are infused in the wood, it will no longer be easily affected by insect infestation and rot. It has a defence against invaders. It is recommended to maintain them instead of allowing them to damage, which will require replacement.

Pine as a tree is susceptible to damage. Despite the fact that it is not durable, many people enjoy using it because of its low maintenance. You can increase the durablility by treating it with chemical preservatives. 

When these are infused in the wood, it will no longer be easily affected by insect infestation and rot. It has a defence against invaders. It is recommended to maintain them instead of allowing them to damage, which will require replacement. 

Pressure Treated Pine

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Constructing a wooden fence can take plenty of money, fortunately, a well-constructed fence should easily last for decades, sometimes being a once-on-a-lifetime purchase. You have to employ every measure to ensure that it lasts for you and the best way to do it is through routine maintenance. You should form the habit of cleaning the fence. To ensure that the fence is always in a perfect condition, it is recommended you apply paints and stains. As the fence ages, you need to engage professionals to undertake some retouches to make it last longer. This is one of the ways of preserving it to ensure that it can last longer for you.

Moreover, you need to clean it with the aim of removing debris and leaves that may decay with it. Moisture entrapment can damage the fence. Fencing is needed by every household because it can offer users privacy from their neighbours. It can offer protection from the elements and makes the home more secure. There are different kinds of fencing, many homeowners prefer the wooden option because apart from providing them with the needed privacy and protection, it is most suitable for borders as it can demarcate boundaries very well. It is easier to erect and more economical to maintain when compared to wall fencing.

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For those searching for fencing in Milton Keynes, we are happy to visit your home or business to discuss the project in more detail. We will work with you to create and complete a fencing design that will fit your budget, with no compromise on style or quality. 

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A wooden garden gate will not only finish off your garden; it will also give added security to your property. Our vast range of gates can be made to measure for you. If you have your bespoke design in mind, we will work on your plans. Our garden gates are resistant to damage and very strong. All our wooden gates are environmentally friendly and are aesthetically pleasing. Compared to other materials, wooden gates are relatively inexpensive.

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As well as the security, our quality wooden driveway gates also offer privacy to your premises, whether they are for residential or commercial use. They are incredibly durable and can be made to your specifications. Our highly experienced team will visit your premises and give you a free quote on the exact type, style and design you require. We offer a full wooden gate service from design, build and installation.