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How Can I Make My Garden Fence More Interesting

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  • 26-09-2023
How Can I Make My Garden Fence More Interesting

How can I make my garden fence more interesting? Transform your garden fence into a captivating focal point with our creative guide! Discover innovative ideas and practical tips to make your garden fence more interesting and visually appealing. 

Interesting Garden Fence Ideas


Living Walls

To create a lush living fence, incorporate long grasses for added depth and climbing ivy to cover any gaps, providing a full and vibrant look. For those seeking an easy and hassle-free option, consider using pre-planted modular panels that bloom with minimal effort. 

These panels can host a variety of herbaceous perennials, grasses, herbs, seasonal flowers, and scented plants. If you're unsure about the ideal plant selection, seek advice from your local nursery for expert guidance.


Light Up Your Fencing

The benefits of festoon garden lights extend beyond aesthetics. They are energy-efficient, durable, and safe, with some LED bulbs lasting up to an impressive 50,000 hours. This longevity translates into both cost savings for you and reduced environmental impact.

When selecting LED lights for your fence, ensure they are suitable for all weather conditions, with at least an IP44 rating for protection against light rainfall. If you anticipate heavier rainfall, opt for a higher IP44 rating for added durability.


Add A Mural

Elevate the visual appeal of your garden fence by transforming it into a canvas for art. Painting a mural on your fence not only adds a splash of colour but also serves as an interesting focal point for your garden.

Bold colours work best for murals, as they complement the natural beauty of your garden. Consider hues like pinks, reds, oranges, blues, and greens to create an engaging and vibrant visual effect.


Include Seating

If you have ample space, create a separate garden seating area and use the fence to cocoon it, providing a private and comfortable seating zone. Placing your seating in a corner with a fence on two sides will extend your living space into the garden while offering a comforting boundary and added privacy.


Place Shelves On Your Fence

The versatility of shelves allows for various creative possibilities, such as using them as bird feeders or butterfly attractors. They can even serve as a practical solution for entertaining, offering a convenient place for guests to rest their drinks or plates during garden parties.

How can I make my garden fence more interesting?

Light Up Your Fence

Living Walls - Make My Garden Fence More Interesting

Living Walls


Create A Mixed Hedge Boundary

Creating a mixed hedge fence is relatively easy to maintain and grow, suiting a wide range of soils and climates. Unlike single-variety hedges, mixed hedges offer a delightful array of colours, shades, and shapes. Some suitable plants to include are Photinia for vibrant red leaves, lilacs for a lovely fragrance, and Sambucus for white flowers and black fruit.


Think Outside The Box

When it comes to fencing, think creatively and step outside the conventional boundaries. You don't have to stick to the intended orientation of fence panels, especially if it doesn't suit your space. Consider alternative arrangements, like turning vertical panels on their sides and joining them together to create a fence that better fits your garden's layout.


Add Bamboo Screens

Garden fences can serve not only as boundaries but also as zoning elements within your garden. Bamboo screens are excellent for this purpose, as they are lightweight, easy to install, and have a malleable quality that suits any garden space. These screens can be cut to the required size, and any off-cuts can be used as flower bed borders, adding a natural and eco-friendly touch to your garden design.


Use Black Paint

For a bold and contemporary look, consider painting your garden fence black. Surprisingly, black fencing can make the greenery around it appear even greener, creating a stunning contrast. Pair the fresh green shades with black fencing to make your plants stand out, and add a string of fairy lights along the top to create a warm and inviting glow at night.


Encourage Ivy Growth

If replacing your fence is not an option, consider using ivy or creepers to disguise the unsightly elements. These climbing plants can grow up and over walls, fences, and panels, providing a lush and green cover. 

While ivy is easy to grow and maintain, be mindful that it can spread quickly and potentially cause damage to walls over time. If you prefer a hassle-free approach, opt for panels of faux greenery to conceal unattractive fencing without the worry of maintenance.

Add Bamboo Screen - Garden Fence More Interesting

Add Bamboo Screen

Use Black Paint - Garden Fence More Interesting

Use Black Paint


Add A Potting Bench

Transform your garden fence into a functional backdrop by creating a potting station. Set up a potting bench and workstation, allowing you to enjoy gardening activities all summer long. Additional shelves can be used to display potted plants and garden accessories, adding charm and practicality to your garden design.


Echo Your Fencing

If you've opted for contemporary fencing that serves as a feature in your garden, consider echoing that feature in other areas. For instance, create a bench using slim wooden panels similar to those on the fence, tying the entire space together cohesively. Thin, horizontal slats of wood offer a modern and refreshing look for fencing, complementing courtyard gardens and turf-covered spaces alike.


Paint A Feature Wall

Revamp an old fence by applying a splash of trendy paint, turning it into a stunning feature wall within your garden. Consider creating an ombre effect by using several colours from the same paint family, offering an earthy and appealing colour palette. Ombre combinations such as 'Bleached Rose,' 'Sandbank,' 'Gingerbread,' and 'Sharon Fruit' by exterior paint specialists Sadolin can bring life and character to your fence.


Different Levels

Use traditional lap fence panels strategically to align with different levels of your garden's perimeter. When your garden features an incline or stepped paving, running the design alongside it creates a seamless continuation of the fence, preventing a disjointed appearance. Opt for a coat of wood-preserving varnish rather than staining or painting the panels for an understated and refined finish.


Two-tone Panels

Create a striking look for your fence with a two-tone approach. Keep the darker colour at the bottom to accentuate brightly coloured furniture and make floral arrangements pop. Use masking tape to achieve sharp lines between the different tones, resulting in a visually appealing and stylish fence.

Add A Potting Bench - Garden Fence More Interesting

Add A Potting Bench

Consider Spacing - Garden Fence More Interesting

Consider Spacing


Consider Spacing

If your property is not overlooked, you may wish to forgo solid fence panels and opt for a slatted fence. This approach softens the garden's boundaries without making it feel enclosed, allowing glimpses of the greenery beyond and extending the garden's visual appeal.


Colourful Trellis

Add a splash of colour to an old brown wooden fence by attaching a vibrant trellis. Trellises are perfect for supporting climbing plants and can provide both a decorative and functional upgrade for your fence. The slim gaps between the slats offer a glimpse of the greenery beyond while providing privacy and screening between different areas of the garden.


Add Fence Extensions To Walls

Repurpose old shutters to create an innovative and eco-friendly garden fence. Give the shutters a fresh coat of paint to enhance their visual appeal. Gray makes for an excellent backdrop colour, but white can also work well, especially as the paint naturally weathers and ages. Attach hooks to the shutter fence to display pretty potted plants, using buckets with handles for easy hanging.


Blend In With A Coat Of Green Paint

For a subtle and harmonious effect, consider blending your garden fence into the surrounding foliage with a coat of green paint. This serene shade of green will create a sense of camouflage, allowing other colourful elements in your garden to stand out. You can still add pops of colour through decorative items such as bunting and striped outdoor cushions to inject a touch of vibrancy.

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